Extended Radius Arms
Installing extended radius arms to improve the flex of yoru wheeling rig!
Written by Jesse Weifenbach
How to do a Dana 44 Solid Axle swap in a Ford Ranger
Swapping out from the stock axle setup for a Dana 44, the right way, for a 93 ranger!
Written by Jesse Weifenbach
How to install an Atlas II Transfer Case in a Ford Ranger
Swapping out the stock transfer case for a far superior Atlas II Transfer case!
Written by Jesse Weifenbach
Installing a full-width rear axle
Swapping out the factory rear axle to a full-width 9" axle.
Written by Jesse Weifenbach
Replacing the Axle Pivot Bracket
Replacing a broken Axle Pivot Bracket in Ford's TTB Suspension setup.
Written by Christopher Tracyz (1 EYE)
How to change your sparkplugs.
If you have a 5.4L V8 engine or 4.6L V8 after 2000, you know how much of a project spark plugs can be. This document can help!
Written by Matt Adams
How to install a Skyjacker 6" Lift and more!
Includes Skyjacker 6" suspension lift, Moog ball joints, Moog tie rods, Moog idler arm, skyjacker rear springs, Wagner brakes, and Energy Suspensions bushings.
Written by Matt Adams. Photos by Matt Adams, and Skyjacker
How to upgrade your electrical system.
Includes a Wrangler NW dual battery tray, dual optima red-top batteries, and Wrangler NW alternator.
Written by Matt Adams
How to do your own brake job.
We replace the worn out pads/rotors with slightly upgraded pads/rotors in this helpful "how-to"!
Written by Matt Adams
How to install a PIAA Airdam.
This airdam will fit 99-03 F-150's and is great for appearance and functionality!
Written by Matt Adams
How to install JBA Headers.
Not the easiest project in the world, but a good way to gain some horsepower and save some money!
Written by Matt Adams
How to replace all the major bulbs in your Ford Truck.
Written by Matt Adams
How to replace your windshield wipers
Replacing your windshield wipers might sound easy, but if you've never done it before, it can be confusing. We upgrade to PIAA silicone-inpregnated windshield wiper blades.
Written by Matt Adams
Tire size information and convertor
Information about tire size, metric vs. standard tire sizes, and a handy calculator to help you calculate the true height of the tire you are looking at.
Written by Jeff Bakke
The Homemade snorkel for a Bronco
Information on creating and installing a snorkel into a wheeling Bronco.
Written by Jeff Bakke and Cory Morrison
How to replace your differential fluid and/or differential cover
Replacing differential cover with a PML Cover from yourcovers.com and replacing gear fluid
Written by Matt Adams
How to replace your axle seals
Information on replacing the axle seals on an Explorer
Written by Chris Wyatt (Ahhjaws)
How to switch from automatic to manual hubs
Replacing the less-then-quality Ford automatic hubs with Warn Manual Hubs

Written by Matt Bobbitt. Pictures by Ken Wyatt
Install Anti-swaybar quick disconnects
Written by Chris Wyatt
Product Review: Scangauge
A code reader, digital gauges, trip computer, and more!

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