Many members of RMFTC enjoy four-wheeling their trucks, and there is a lot of great trails in Colorado and beyond to explore! Here's a place where we can see some of the trails we have done in the past!

Bill Moore Lake
Bunce School Road
Chinamans Gulch
Colorado Colors Run 1999 (including Monarch Pass, Tomichi Pass, Hancock Pass, and Mt. Antero)
Colorado Colors Run 2000 (including Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass, Ophir Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch, Animas Forks, Cinammon Pass)
Hancock Pass
Lefthand Canyon
Longwater Gulch
Middle St. Vrain / Coney Flats
Moab 2000 (Pre-run and Explorer4x4 event)
Moab 2001 (Explorer4x4 event)
Moab 2002 (4x4ord event)
Moab 2003 (4x4ord event)
Moab 2004 (4x4ord event) (Moab 2004 videos)
Ouray 2002 (4x4ord event)
Peak 10 - Breckendridge
Red Cone (1999)
Red Cone (2000)
Saxon Mountain Camping Trip
Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan
Slaughterhouse Gulch
Spring Creek
Truck Haven, California
Tuttle Creek, Kansas
Wheeler Lake

As everyone in the 4-wheeling community should know, trail preservation is very important to keeping trails open. As such, it is our duty to preserve the trails, and work to keep them open. See the following article, courtesy of Serious Explorations: Trail Preservation

Are you interested in writing a trail run story? If so, let me know! What you submit to me in your trail run write-up should consist of:

1. Any applicable trail information. Whats its name, where is it, what major towns is it by, and how do you get there? Also, GPS Coordinates are always a plus, and any "forks" in the road are good as well. If you have a map of the trail that is even better.
2. What vehicles were on the run, and based on the vehicles that went, how difficult would you rate the trail? Many sites rate trails based on a stock vehicle or based on a super-modified wheeling rig, so its tough to gather just what "difficult" and "easy" mean to different people.
3. Trail distance. Not only in miles, but how long should someone going on this trail, expect it to take? Should they pack a lunch, or a tent?
4. Description of the trail, including obstacles, signs or scenic markings you might see along the trail, etc.
5. Of course, PICTURES! Trail write-ups are pretty much useless without pics, so be sure to include some.
6. Any other information that you think people could benefit from reading about the trail.

This can be submitted in about any format, such as HTML, Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or standard text file. The images can be submitted seperately and I will attach them to the trail run.

All Trail runs can be submitted to me at and I will try to get them all set up as quickly as possible!