by Matt Adams

Bulb Part Numbers index
Bulb Part Part Number
Headlights 9007
Reverse light 3156
Brake Light 3157
Fog Light 9145 (or 9006)
Roof brake light 912
Front Turn signal 3157

This how-to covers how-to replace all the major bulbs in your f-150.  It does not go into bulbs such as those found behind the dash, in stereo equipment, etc.  Basically, if its a bulb you can actually buy at an auto parts store instead of from Ford, you'll find it here.
This how-to can also be used as a how-to install aftermarket taillights and headlights (clear corners, etc.).

It is always a good idea though not necessarily a requirement, to unplug the battery before changing any bulbs.  Ford's done what they can to prevent any damage from coming if you install the bulbs while the battery is still hooked up however.

1. Open your tailgate.  Look inside the tailgate hatch where the tail lights meet the bed and you should see two bolts.
2. Using a 5/16" wrench or socket, remove these bolts.

3. Apply firm outward pressure to get the taillights housing off.  It may not feel right to just "pry" these out but thats pretty much what you have to do.  Aside from the two bolts holding this in there are two retaining clips on the other side and "prying" will pull these clips out.

4. Each bulb simply "unscrews" from its housing, making it easy to disconnect from the taillight housing.  For the brake light, it is bulb number 3157.  Simply pull the bulb out of the housing, and insert the other one back in!  Same goes for the reverse light, which is a 3156.

5. Once the bulb has been replaced, you can line line up the slots, then simply snap the taillight back into place and replace the two bolts, and your done!

There are two ways of doing this.  Some say one way is easier then the other, I think when you get down to it they are of just about equal difficulty.
Method 1 - from behind
This method is as stated, pulling the bulb out of the back of the headlight fixture.  In order to do this, there are several steps.
1. Remove the engine cowl.  This is done by popping the top part out of the two-piece body bolts, then removing the cowl.
2. For the drivers side, you will have to remove the radiator overflow tank.  This is done by removing the one screw that was under the cowl cover, and two screws against the side of the body.  This can be rested elsewhere temporarily while you remove the bulb.  For the passenger side, you may have to remove the battery in order to gain full access to the bulb.
3. Unplug the electrical connection to the bulb.  This can be tricky as Ford uses plastic tabs for this that (duh) heat up when the bulb is used an dthey become fragile.  Don't fret if you break one of these, I haven't changed a bulb yet when I haven't broken one.
4. Each bulb is held securely to the lens by a black ring.  The first time you remove this it may be extremely tight and a large pair of plyers may come in handy.  To remove turn coutner-clowckwise then pull back.
5.  Once the plastic ring is removed you should be able to simply pull the bulb out.  This shouldn't be a "screw-in" type of bulb like the taillights are.
6. Replace in reverse order, insert the bulb (has three offset notches in the bulb for proper alignment), screw the plastic locking ring back on, then plug in the electrical connection again.

Method 2 - pulling out the headlight assembly.
This method is said by some to be much easier. The one time I attempted it, reinstalling became a hassle and I nearly broke on my clips getting it back into place, plus I then had to re-align the headlight.  Once you became familiar with the routine this may not be the case, however.

1. Directly above the headlight unit, you will see two black "handles", one one either side of the headlight assembly.  Pulling these up will "unlock" the locks that hold the headlight in place

2. After pulling these handles up to unlock, simply slide the headlamp unit out the front of the grill.  This may be made easier by pushing from behind on anything you can get your hands on.

3. Once out, simply unplug the electrical connector, twist off the plastic retaining ring, and pull out the bulb

4.  Replace the bulb by doing the same in reverse. Insert the bulb (should fit snugly, rotate one way or the other until it does), lock down the black plastic ring and plug in the electricity again!

5.  Reposition headlight back into the grill just as before, making sure to line everything up and avoiding "smacking" it back in to place.  if it doesn't fit right, try moving the positioning rods one way or another until the headlight assembly simply "slides" back into place.

6.  Once headlight assembly is back in place, push the handles back down to lock it back into place.  If the handle doesn't go in smoothly, try repositioning the positioning rods again and hte headlight assembly if necessary until the handles lock down tightly and smoothly.

7. You're done!

This is also a very easy bulb replacement procedure.
1. Unplug the electrical connection by pushing the button and pulling off.
2. Rotate the bulb counter-clockwise to unscrew and remove.
3. Re-insert and re-plug, and your done!

These are relatively easy to install, the headlight assembly is only held in by two screws.
1. Remove the screws holding this unit in place.  Then you should be able to "wiggle" the cover off.

2. Then simply replace the bulbs by pulling out the old bulbs (these screw out counterclockwise) and inserting the new ones.

This is another relatively easy install.  The interior dome light is only held in by small clips.

1. Remove the plastic cover by pulling down on one side near the two tabs.

2. Once out, simply pull out the old bulb, and put the new bulb in its place.